Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fall Entryway Decorating

My Little Front "Porch" 

Even though I don't really have a front porch, I have decorated my little entryway with some fall favorites!  My bench - which I have had for quite some time- changes constantly  a lot..... with whatever pillows I have or the season......  I have LOTS of PILLOWS and they are easy to decorate with.  They give any area a soft, "homey" feel!!!  =)  

In additon to my bench, I have put together two topiaries.  I have been making these for several years .... each year changes a little! This year I really wanted something to go with my new wreath .... that too changes from year to year !  Purple is one of my favorite colors and the pillows have purple in them! Along with a ton of other colors that I really like together!!!  I am also a "pokadot nut"!!!  The more the merrier!!! 

My Little Topiary!!!

A little closer view !

This years wreath! 

I have a Michael's very very close by - too close if you ask DH, however I utilize my 40% off coupons every chance I get!!! Every little bit you can save helps when you are being "creative" =) 

Fall is my favorite time of the year!  It is so colorful and fun time to be creative!!! However, in Florida - we really don't have "Fall" - No leaves really change and it is still 78 to 82 everyday but I make it feel that way as much as possible!  Try a few ideas of your own to make your front entryway colorful and inviting! 

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  1. your front "porch" is GORGEOUS my dear!!! It really looks beautiful! In fact your whole house could be in a magazine!! So enjoyed visiting this past week!! Love you!