Sunday, October 28, 2012

Church Pew

Old Church Pew

I have been searching for a very long time for a Church Pew to either go inside or outside as extra seating - and I finally found one!  During one of my "Yard Sale Saturdays" - I happened upon this beauty just sitting there with no sign...... I immediately thought that it had already been sold.......but "Hey, you never know".... so I asked ........ To my suprise - it was still available so I thought well he must want a fortune for it ..... So once again ..... I asked "how much?" ......He says "make and offer" well I went for it ! =)  I asked would he take $20 and he said "SURE!" I almost fell out!!  LOL  I immediately back my truck up to his driveway and loaded it - and it barely fit in the back of my SUV and drove off happy as can be !!!! 

I of course have no patience, so there was no waiting until someone got home to help me get it out of the truck and in the house! LOL  When there is a desire to get it in the house - there is a way !!!  I considered putting it outside, but I just had this feeling it would fit at the foot of my bed ....

Fits nicely!

It already had a distressed appeal about it so I left it as is - the color was perfect - so as I say "it was just ment to be!" 

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